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Lupe Fiasco B!tch Bad (My thoughts)

Well I came across Lupe Fiascos new music Video entitled “Bitch Bad” a few days ago and I had to get on here to express my thoughts.

OUTSTANDING is the only way to describe this fantastic song and video.

It speaks about how influential music and music videos are today and especially influential music is children.
I spoke about the state of music in my previous post a few weeks back and the fact that so much music today seems so generic and mind dumbing at times.

One thing I maybe did not go into enough is how concerned I am by the things being shown in music videos today that young people see on a day to day basis and so many inappropriate things in the charts these days.
These things have no water shed even though a few have argued about this in the past nothing has been done about it.

Children are being subjected to so much over sexualised music, low murals, and low value of money, drink and violence.

Another point in the video which I totaly agree with is the way in which some woman are degrading themselves and not knowing self worth or value and then trying to attract a man and wondering why they are undervalued.

It is important for us as adults to be more aware and monitor what our children sees and hears.
Obviously if there is a moral to the story that teaches children something I am all for it but I for one find my self monitoring the music videos my children watch.
Of course allow children to have fun be innocent and be children it is not about not allowing them to have fun and enjoy music but it is most defiantly about realising the impact that music has on the children today.
Now of course many woman are ladies who knows how to take care of themselves and carries themselves well and would never allow them selves to be degraded in any way, shape or form. When you watch the video then you will have more of an insite as to what I am referring to.

Woman should start acting like ladies with respect for themselves in order to gain respect in order to allow men to respect more ladies instead of the disrespect of “Bitches.”
Of course there are many Ladies out there who care and demand respect “I for one” How ever there is a generation of woman who are lost.
There are many gentlemen out there who has so much respect for woman but there are the few who degrade woman and music has a lot to do with it.

This video is something all should watch and gain an understanding of.
What I love about Lupe is that he is not afraid to step outside of the box and he delivers music you can relate with and actually understand.

He is a very thought provoking artist who does not care what the mainstream is pumping out but instead delivers fresh meaningful, educated music.
Underrated but aren’t all talented artists these days? Let’s change that!