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I wanted to write this post because lately I have become so fed up with being provided with a poor level of service and just doing nothing about it.

I must say when I am not happy with something in the past I have tried to bring it to the attention of the organisation but I have realised that I only seem to do this when I have a disagreement with the bank or anything money related.

I have noticed that if I go into a shop or any organisation and if I feel that something is not right or I am left upset in anyway I just tend not to go back or use that organisation/company again?

But why? How are these companies supposed to improve or know when we are unhappy with their level of service and care?

I am not saying that we should all become serial moaners or complainers I am simply saying it is time to be heard.

I for one am fed up of it and I have started to provide feedback and when I am left unhappy I have and will be continuing to voice my concerns.

I come from a service background I have worked for many years as a service provider and I know how important it is as a company to hear all feedback good and bad.

Another question how many times have you had outstanding service and not notified the company or person? It goes both ways.

I recently had an experience with a hospital and normally I would go out my way and try and avoid that particular hospital or place, but why should I?

I wrote a letter of complaint and notified the relevant person and now it is being looked into.

They are there to provide a service and understandably many companies, organisations are busy, over streached and stressed out but this gives no excuse for a low level of service.

They need to be told in order to not do the same again and trust me if they are not told or pulled up on it they will get complacent.

How many people prefer to shop online or do most things be it bookings, forms, payments etc online?

Not only because it is convenient but also because of having to go out and get a possible poor level of customer care.

I guarantee if most places had outstanding service you would rush to do your dealings there how many times have you walked past a bank or store and thought I will do it online? Then these same companies are wondering what is going on with the footfall of customers?

The world has also become sales obsessed and some have forgotten what generates the best sales! A great customer experience!

Again when the service is good take the time to let them know, when it is bad take the time to let them know.

It is time for all of us to start being frank and honest and provide feedback when necessary, instead of disappearing.