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Oh how I loved gift vouchers for those moments that you are stuck deciding on that perfect gift.

But now I loath the dreaded gift voucher as it has become so easy to lose all that you paid for it.

I have noticed that gift vouchers have an expiry date of two years!

Two years to me is a disgrace, cash has no expiry date so why when you buy a gift voucher would you lose all its worth after just two years?

How many times have you popped a gift voucher in your wallet or draw with the thought ”I will use it when I get a chance” only to discover it some time later, or when you find the perfect item?

Well this has happened to me on many occasions when I just did not want anything and then realised that the clock was ticking only to then buy what ever I could find just to get my monies worth.

Here is what one company states: Debenhams gift voucher terms and conditions states “The gift card will expire 24 months after the last use or balance enquiry and any remaining balance will be deducted”.

This in my opinion is not at all fair or am I complaining about nothing?

Now the biggest gamble happened to me when I was bought LaSenza gift vouchers, one year on I was watching the news and learned they were going into administration, I had totally forgotten I had it.

I was waiting to go into the store to save on post and packaging costs.

So of course I rush and decide to order from the website to be greeted by a closed website.

I knew right then and there that this was going to be a nightmare, so the next day I visit my local store and spoke to a customer service assistant before choosing some items.

Only to be told the company went into liquidating and had been bought out.

Phew I thought at hearing they had been bought out WRONG!! She proceeded to tell me that the new owners did not have to honour gift vouchers and that I had to fill in a form and they will look into it.

The look of the assistants face said it all as she kept apologising and looked genuinely sorry for me.

I was upset by this as the gift vouchers were worth £70.

So I followed her instructions and completed the forms and sent proof of my vouchers I posted the form off a few weeks later I received a letter explaining that basically my clam against my “LaSenza Limited (in Administration) gift vouchers will rank as unsecured”.

It went on to explain that if I was to get anything back it would be the equivalent of 1p and 5p in the £ this means10-50p for every £10, how shocking!

Any one with orders, returns or deliveries would not get their items!

This all comes under the UK Insolvency Legislation.

A few weeks later I get a second letter saying I will not be getting a refund at all.

I have bought gift vouchers in the past and I hope that all have been used and that none have suffered this blow.

This has been a lesson learned which I thought I should share please avoid gift vouchers like the plague or be prepared to play the big gamble.

Not long ago Peacocks and Game also went into liquidation I dread to think what happened with customer’s orders and gift vouchers.


For me buying gift vouchers is like throwing good money down the toilet.