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I can not believe it I just realised that Christmas is in less than five months! Autumn is not far off.
It is a good thing that I starting Christmas shopping early this year even if I only have two gifts its its a start.
I will be super organised mummy this year.
Where is the time going I find myself asking?

Winter is my favourite month I love boots, big Coats, jumpers, hats, scarves and a bit of snow.
I love wrapping up warm and coming into a warm cozy heated home.
Everyone seems more friendly especially close to Christmas time which I find very strange.
A few weeks before Christmas people Actually talk to you when you are out and about.
People check on the Elderly a little more, people try to help the homeless a little more.
Adults are more friendly to the little ones.
Winter just does something to everyone.
I just wish that mentality was not limited to just one time of year.
I get excited for children as I feel they also love Winter time, maybe winter makes me feel young again.

I know some may think I am so weird liking the cold weather, but I really do.
Don’t get me wrong I love summer and not wishing bad weather.

I like weathers to be as and where they should be.
Example Summer HOT and Winter COLD!
I realise I am rambling again but when the mind starts the fingers can’t stop.