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I am absloutly appauled today to hear that after the amazing win from Gabby Douglas of the USA, after winning her second gold medal in the Olympics she has come under attack in a Twitter row over her hair.

This to me is below the belt and shameful that a 16 year old who is working hard sweatng hard to win a medal for her country would be subjected to such abuse.

The daily mail reported

“Gabrielle Douglas has done America proud in winning her second Olympic gold medal so it comes as some surprise that a debate has broken out on Twitter over her hair.

Though she may have more important things on her mind, the Twittersphere is abuzz with discussion over the 16-year-old’s slightly-tousled ponytail.

Critics have argued that her dark locks should in fact mimic the tight, ballerina-style bun that gymnasts usually tuck their hair into.”

My thoughts are as long as her hair was pulled back what really is the problem?

God help someone like me with Natural afro textured hair which would be an absolute nightmare to tame into a tight “ballerina bun”.

I think the individuals on Twitter are very spiteful with their words and to think most are from her country. The country she will bring her Gold medals home to.

Very sad indeed.

Well done for winning the gold Gabby.