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My view on fifty shades of Grey.

Yes I read the book (she hangs her head down in shame, with a cheeky grin on her face)

The book was interesting and full of sex and a dominant male, for me the start of the book was an eye opener for me and I really enjoyed the ride.

But as the book went on I found myself reading it just to see what the hype was about, not so much because I was enjoying it.

I always try to finish a book unless it is really bad, so I stuck with it.

I am not a shy person and sex for me in books or anything does not really cause me to blush that much. So it was an easy read and not that shocking.

What did maybe disturb me a little was how dominant Christian was but an interesting read non the less.

I do not agree with some who thinks this book is the same as porn, it is an erotic novel erotic novels have been around for many years.

Porn on the other hand is graphic and much more in your face literally.

I agree it is not for all but one thing we can all thank the book for is that it has got many who have never picked up a book to actually take the time to read.

My opinion is that the book is over rated I cant be asked to read the next ones for now if at all.

Shame on you avid bus readers, there is a time and a place…. ;0)

What book should I order now?

Hunger games is well over due I think!

Any suggestions?