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When I was sent a promo copy of the new Ice Berg Slimm album I was so excited and I could not wait to hear it.

It had been a while since any new album releases for this talented UK rapper his last album “Da World On Ice” was released in 2004, So this I had been waiting for.

IceBerg Slimm has many hit songs and is renowned for his hit singles “Nursery Rhymes” “Badboy” “Lonely” and “starship” to name a few.

Iceberg Slimm also has many collabarations with Raghav one of which is the single entitled “can’t get enough”

Those of you who have read my previous blog called “the state of music” would know how much I have been waiting to hear some fresh music that would take me back to when music had meaning and good lyrical content well finally it is here!

This new album is entitled Higher, Higher is the first of four FREE albums forthcoming from Iceberg Slimm

This new vibrant album was outstanding the UK born rapper has stayed true to his old school rap roots. I love that he has not changed his style to suit the UK rap vibe that we constantly hear but kept true to his style and flow.

This in turn has the sounds of real old school hip hop back in the days when vibes like Method man, Redman, Wu tang clan and Big daddy kane were blazing through our speakers.

The album is full of heart and the music is so fresh and with crazy, mind blowing beats.

This album is refreshing and is defiantly set to be a world wide hit, because I believe that it is not only what the UK is missing right now but what the world and hip hop is missing as a whole.

There is so much empowering and thought provoking lyrics that in turn it is an eye opener for adults and children.

This album has been produced under Icebergs label Frojak Entertainment, Iceberg Slimm and Frojak have done a joint venture deal with D’vinci (Prime Minister) and Koalishon Music Group creating the brand F.E.K.M.G..

The production is of the highest quality, his lyrical flow amazes me, he has a fantastic way with words.

Favorite tracks “Hallelujah” “Rock da bells 2012” “King man” and “Ted Dibiase” are great songs if I had to chose only four that is as I really have so many favorites.

The song inside is a deep track where he speaks of the difficulty he has had in the music industry as he chose not to go the UK rap/Grim scene but chose to follow his true American hip hop roots.

Hats off to him it surely is not easy in the UK to pull it off but it is most defiantly in his blood. Ragga artists are not always from Jamaica but yet many artists use the phrases or accents, soul singers are not all Afro Americans the list goes on so if he has it go for it I say.

So my view is listen to this album for what it is and make your own judgement “organic” conscious REAL hip hop!

Fantastic rapper and album, an album all should hear and especially the youth of today!!

(All links to the the HIGHER album are located below, please let me know what you think)

Iceberg says he has created and branded his genre as Organic Music for one purpose to give people a good body of music again
and if you love it PASS IT ON……    

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