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Well the Olympics have well and truly begun and we had a fantastic opening ceremony yesterday here in London.

Now I must say that when the show begun I was not sure what to expect I just knew it would be spectacular and I waited with my children with excitement.

I personally enjoyed it I loved the start and the way it gradually built up. I love the way that it represented English history, English arts, England’s culture and diversity.

My View is Danny Boyle did an outstanding job of trying to show what Great Britain is all about he showed our arts, movies, music, our history, our sport, our royal family, our culture. This man managed to even get the Queen involved with James Bond may I add which was one of my favourite parts.

Musical performances from the Arctic Monkeys, Dizzy Rascal and Paul McCartney to name but a few of the UK talent that did us proud. Oh and Mr Bean was a pleasant surprise! I realised we have so much to offer and so much to be proud of as a country.

Now during and right after the opening ceremony I heard reviews via twitter and Facebook mostly positive but many complaining that this was not included and that was not included.

Also there were many comparisons that it was not as good as the Beijing Olympics in 2008. One thing I was upset by was the fact that many said that we in no way topped Beijing’s Olympic ceremony.

I think that we should be embracing what we are all about not what another country is all about. Yes Beijing had a spectacular show but so did we and it represented Great Britain so well I thought.

I think the competitive edge has already begun before the first game had even started, however credit where credit is due. This was an amazing start and I was left beaming with pride and excitement.

Yes more could have been added in, but how much more realistically could have been crammed in?

David Beckenham’s speed boat entrance was just amazing and the lighting of the Olympic Stadium flame was mind blowing. Seeing Muhammad Ali was such a lovely touch.

Every country owes it to itself to be true to their culture.

I think that Danny Boyle won Gold last night well done and good luck to team GB.

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