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Now I know I want to take this chance to blog about my thoughts about the state of music today hence the title.

Every day I have something to say about music today but now I sit down to begin the task of putting it into words I find it hard.

This may turn into a ramble as I have some many different things to touch upon, and the purpose of this blog is not to change the world or the state of music, but simply to put my thoughts down.

Now my music taste is very eclectic I like quite a bit of genera’s but I find myself missing mainly the 90’s or any music before this time when I feel that music had more effort, meaning and passion.

My favourite music is rap/hip hop, reggae, r’n’b, UK urban artists and rock music.

But as time goes on I am finding music as a whole at times to be lazy with little emotion, effort or meaning.

I am fed up of rappers promoting their wealth and sex in my face and not talking about anything relevant or inspiring.

Fed up of rnb and pop lacking emotion and vocal ability but just brain washing selling sex and hoping that the actual beat will make a hit.

I am trying my best not to name names or point the finger and I will admit that at times I fall victim to a beautiful beat that is lacking ballads, vocals or words that I feel and I relate to.

Sometimes I feel it is just mind dumbing I watched a music video just yesterday by an artist that sang nothing of quality but instead continually sang about drinking and filling her cup and that she did not care if others did not have a drink in their hand.

The song to me was just so lazy, bland and boring. I feel so much of the music which children especially love is not showing them that it takes hard work to be able to throw money around. I find music has so much sex also and tends to allow children and people to think that sex and money is what will get you though life!

Also why is there no water shed on violent and sexually explicit music when it comes to videos?

I find myself censoring what my children (aged 2 and 5) can watch when we are simply trying to enjoy a music chart count down on T.V.

Now let’s go back in time with music it used to prevoke thought, feelings, and with a work hard mentality (at times).

Soul/R’N’B Consists of less singers that can really hit a note there are many out there but they seem to be upstaged by others that gets more air time.

Raps lyrical ability was thought provoking and you could tell that an artist had skill, even when talking about their upbringing or the good and bad of life it was an education process.

Pop at times is very repetitive and many songs just sounds the same.

Radio used to play things they thought was excellent not just what they were told to play, in fact this used to be the way you heard new sounds, fresh talent, people you did not know were out there or simply take you back in time or lead you to the future.

Mixing and blending tunes with style and flare, even the radio DJ’S had talent back then not just the gift of the gab. Slowly but surely many radio stations like that got SHUT DOWN!

Remember how they used to mix tracks back to back less talking with chart music being played at certain times NOT ALL THE TIME!  I find myself listening to the radio and starting to sing what they will play next before they even play it!

You could feel a singer touch your soul damn some could even lead you to tears. Remember trying to belt out ballads from your favourite songs?

You could relate each word to a situation, but now at times music can just make you envious, make you want to buy the cars they claim to drive, buy Jewellery, get money TAKE money by the drinks they drink, throw your money at the strip clubs, buy the latest foot wear etc.

Now I told you I would start to ramble and to be honest I could be here all day with hours of reading material.

But all I want to do is get that off my chest I so understand that all this generic nonsense will never die, but will get worse over time but I will continue to reminisce about the good old days of music.

Yes at times I will no doubt be hypnotised by the great sounds and totally forget that the song itself may just have a few lines that repeat 100 times.

I know there is still great music with very few lines or vocal ability or great beats. I am not writing to tarnish all with one brush and I am sure I may ruffle a few feathers as well as have some of you understand what I am saying.

Also do you wonder what has happened to some of those artists who were actually great at their craft and are still struggling to get air time? Many are still out there on the grind you have to dig deep and support them. Youtube is a great way of finding them people you know and aspiring artists.

However at times I feel youtube is also changing itself to conform.

Music today works closely with organisations promoting what you could have, what you should have, what you should spend your cash on, what you should think is important in life.

As a result we have children wanting the latest gadgets, clothes, cars, jewellery wanting money and wanting these things now.

But this in turn can cause problems in today’s economy leading to crime and much more.

Thinking sex is more important than finding LOVE spreading love and thinking of others.

I am not blaming just music for this and I understand that for these reasons music can not stop making what it sells but I do think it is up to us to also support music that promotes a good message music that oozes passion and lyrical, vocal ability over a catchy beat.

MUSIC I want the good old days, my elders always said one day you will be listening to music and miss the old days! Or you may find your self asking what is this NOISE? In fact I recall elder’s refering to old school as revival and revive you it does.

Music artists it is not too late to heal the world through music.