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Personally I absolutely love Banksy the London based street artist, with the London Olympics in just a few days many of Banksy’s new Art/graffiti have appeared on many street walls.

This Monday Banksy posted images of his new works of “art” to his website entitled “Hackney Welcomes the Olympics” all locations unknown.

Banksy’s artwork has always sparked a debate as to whether it is actually “art” or “vandalism”.

Just a few months ago 18 original Banksy artworks sold for over £400, 00 at an auction in London.

With the Olympic just days away operation clean up is well under way with a clean up of many different pieces of graffiti, but will these Banksy works of art be removed from the streets before the start of the Olympics?

Helen Bingham of Keep Britain Tidy told the BBC: “There’s a difference between low-grade tagging and the work people like Banksy do … You have to look at it and know the difference – it’s not a black and white thing.”

I think that his modern take of graffiti is refreshing but does everyone feel the same way?

Is graffiti just graffiti, vandalism? This is the question many ask in the debate of “street art VS vandalism”

If Baksy’s graffiti is not also removed as part of the big clean up will it be seen as one rule for one and one rule for others?