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Today’s article in the Guardian was a great eye opener for me today.

The article is entitled “This is how racism takes root” by Joseph Harker was well written with a balanced view.

It is very clear to see that the media has great power to inform the world and at times many pick and chose what they chose to shed light on.

Earlier this month eight men were convicted of picking vulnerable underage girls off the streets, then plying them with drink and drugs before having sex with them them.

Sounds familiar? well it is not the news that we heard back in May this year.

The Guardian reports that unlike the similar case of this nature involving Asian men this time of the eight predators, seven were white, not Asian.

However this news was only covered by them and the Times.

Unlike the “Asian sex gang” in Rochdale, which made the front page of every national newspaper.

Joseph Harker wrote:

“The different ways the media covered two cases of men grooming children for sex show how shockingly easy it is to demonise a whole community”

The article is very thought provoking and worth a read.

The Article

This is how racism takes root | Joseph Harker (The Guardian)