Check out this custom black leather Ferrari.

The anonymous owner — who lives on the French Riviera — commissioned luxury customisation specialists Dartz to completely cover his £135,000 Ferrari F430 supercar in a sleek black coat.

Dartz grabbed headlines in 2009 when they created a £1million SUV with whale foreskin-covered seats.

The Latvian company also recently completed a gold-plated bullet-proof vehicle for Sacha Baron-Cohen to use when in the guise of his latest character, Admiral General Aladeen.

Dartz owner Leonard Yankelovich said: “One of our very rich customers from the Cote d’Azur wanted a leather exterior and knew we could deliver.

“It took three of my staff 16 working days to apply the leather and finish. He was more than happy when he picked it up.”

Mr Yankelovich refused to explain how his team covered the car but insisted that the coating is real leather and that the method used involved “Dartz know-how”.

We here at chatter box media are not too sure about the practicality of a car like this but is sure looks superb.

I guess if you have that much money practicality goes out of the window.